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Inflow and Infiltration

Norme CAN/BNQ 3682-320
Mitigation of the Risks of Inflow and Infiltration in New Sanitary Sewer Systems

Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) in sanitary sewer systems is a chronic issue throughout Canada. Negative consequences of I/I include increased risk of flooding associated with sewer backup, multiple risks to the environment and risks to public health and safety.

I/I creates a lack of capacity in pumping stations and trunk sewer systems, hence limiting the potential for urban densification and additional developments in urban communities. I/I also increases life cycle costs of sanitary sewer systems and can reduce by many years the lifespan of infrastructure. Sanitary sewage treatment plants may experience negative impacts associated with wet weather peaking, and overflow by-passes at pumping stations. As well, secondary by-passes at sanitary sewage treatment plants present significant risk to surface water systems associated with sanitary sewer system overflows. Negative impacts of I/I are exacerbated by increasing urban populations, increasing urban density/infill development, and aging infrastructure. I/I is also expected to be affected by climate change.

This standard has been developed to complement the existing resources by providing comprehensive guidance to limit risk of I/I in new sanitary sewer system construction. For further information concerning occurrence of I/I in new sewer system construction in Canada, refer to the foundational document prepared to support the development of this standard: “Reducing the Risk of Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) in New Sewer Construction”.

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    Celia AbbasCenter for research for infrastructures in urban area
    Susheel AroraHalifax Regional Water Commission
    Abhishek BhargavaEpcor Utilities
    Brent BurtonMetro Vancouver
    Pierre-Yves DespatisRégie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
    Pierre DugréAqua Data
    David KellershohnCity of Vaughan
    Twyla KowalczykAssociated Engineering (Alberta)
    Serge LerouxIPEX Management
    Norm B. LitchfieldMeritech Engineering
    James (Jim) McAloonCapital Regional District
    Kiyoshi OkaThe Regional Municipality of Halton
    Muhammad Riaz ul HaqMinistry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks - Government of Ontario
    Farshad SalehzadehRegional Municipality of Peel
    Dan SandinkInstitute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR)
    Jitender SinghNational Research Council
    Ilija SteticNiagara Region
    Olivier Trudel-BeaulieuVille de Montréal
    Perry WagerAlberta Municipal Affairs, Technical and Corporate Services
    Michelle WardAMG Environmental
    Sarah WellsCity of Vancouver
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