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Standard CSA B137.3.1

Molecularly oriented polyvinylchloride (PVCO) pipe for pressure applications

This Standard specifies the characteristics and test methods applicable to molecularly oriented polyvinylchloride (PVCO) pipe intended for use in pressure applications. Bell-ended pipe are fitted with injection moulded elastomeric gasketed fittings having nominal diameters of between 100 and 1200 00 mm. These pipes are intended for use in pressure applications such as in drinking water systems, sewer force mains, and process piping. The material used in the manufacture of PVCO pipe complying with this Standard is not suitable for solvent cementing and is intended to be joined by gasketed joints. This Standard specifies requirements for materials, quality of work, dimensions, markings, hydrostatic sustained pressure, extrusion, impact resistance, and quality for PVCO pipe.


Certification Offer 

Manufacturers of molecularly oriented polyvinylchloride (PVCO) pipe may ask the BNQ to certify the conformity of their products with Standard CSA B137.3.1. Certification enables manufacturers to assure clients of the quality of their products. Clients do not need to inspect companies since they know that third-party certification ensures the neutrality of the process. The certification program based on this standard includes all of the requirements set out in four documents, including the BNQ 3624-500 certification protocol. This one establishes the certification requirements, procedural rules and marking requirements applicable to the certification of PVCO pipe in accordance with the requirements of Standard CSA B137.3.1. To have their pipe certified, manufacturers must submit an application to the BNQ and show that they comply with the requirements of the certification program.

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    Serge LerouxIPEX Management
    Rowena PatenaudeRoyal produits de bâtiment
    Jacques St-DenisServices d'essais Intertek ltée
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