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The agri-food industry is a jewel in the Québec economy that showcases regional heritage. It is growing steadily, whether in terms of raw materials, processing, trade, exports or food service. It tops the list in statistical tables on job numbers and food production.

The impressive number of farms and their fertility have resulted in the production of abundant, varied and high-quality raw materials. In that respect, Québec stands out as :

  • the largest pork producer in Canada;
  • the top veal producer;
  • the largest dairy producer in Canada;
  • a major cheese producer;
  • one of the largest producers of maple products.

Québec products are exported to the Americas, Europe and even Asia. To provide high-quality, safe products, the agri-food industry has set up numerous standards covering areas such as breeding and cultivation, storage, labelling and food safety. As well, reserved designations make it possible to highlight flagship products of some regions.

The BNQ has developed numerous standards in this area, based on existing standards in other places around the world. Moreover, the BNQ can certify businesses under a number of international standards, such as SQF, HACCP and CanadaGAP, which allows them to confirm to their clients (or customers) that they have the necessary tools to manage food safety and security.