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Québec is one of the top three Canadian provinces specializing in forest products. And for good reason: Nearly half of Québec (more than 750 000 km²) is covered in forests. In total, 90% of this vast area is government property. The North is populated mainly with coniferous forests and the South, with deciduous forests. Québec’s forests are a priceless resource, and the forest industry is a major source of raw materials, income and jobs for the province.

However, the forest industry has experienced serious economic impacts in the last few years. Its recent decline is all the more detrimental in that the industry drives the economy in a number of regions. It goes without saying that the businesses that are the best adapted to the new conditions and that are the most rigorous in their practices will stand out over the next few years.

Québec has a set of legislative, regulatory and administrative provisions for sustainable forest management. Any individual or business conducting forest management activities must comply with forest activity standards. To compete with industry leaders, businesses in forestry therefore have a vested interest in learning about the standards that apply to their activities, fulfilling the requirements and obtaining BNQ certification.

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