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BNQ 9825-925
Recognition of Qualifications – Novoclimat Contractors and Professionals

In the building construction field, buyers are increasingly demanding. They want houses that offer high energy efficiency, but they also want their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems installed by highly qualified personnel. This is especially true in the case of Novoclimat dwellings. The BNQ has therefore developed a certification program at the request of Gouvernement du Québec, which wanted to have the qualifications of contractors (including ventilation specialists) and professionals in connection with the Novoclimat program recognized by an independent body. Since 2013, one of the eligibility requirements for projects submitted to Gouvernement du Québec's Novoclimat program is that the house or small multi-unit building must be built by a BNQ-certified contractor.


Certification Offer 

Certification is vital for contractors (including ventilation specialists) and professionals interested in having their qualifications recognized for the purposes of projects submitted to Gouvernement du Québec's Novoclimat program. It allows them to have their qualifications certified by the BNQ, which has thus developed a certification document entitled BNQ 9825-925 Reconnaissance des compétences — Entrepreneurs et professionnels Novoclimat — Programme de certification (recognition of skills – Novoclimat contractors and professionals, in French only).

This document specifies the skills requirements applicable to training programs and professional experience that contractors and professionals must meet under the BNQ certification program.

Note that the specification and modification of these requirements is left solely to the discretion of Gouvernement du Québec's Novoclimat program.

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