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Standard BNQ 3221-500
Grates, Covers, Frames, Catch Basin Traps and Valve Boxes — Grey-Iron and Ductile-Iron Castings for Civil Engineering Work — Characteristics and Test Methods

The standard BNQ 3221-500 includes the cast iron parts most used in the municipal sewer and drinking water distribution networks in Québec. The quality and uniformity of these products depend on standardization.

The standard specifies the physical, mechanical and dimensional characteristics of grates, covers, frames and catch basin traps made of grey iron or ductile iron, installed on manholes or catch basins, and valve boxes made of grey iron or ductile iron installed on drinking water conduit valves.

The standard BNQ 3221-500 serves as a reference for conformity assessment activities.

General requirements:

  • General appearance
  • Materials
  • Resistance

Special requirements:

  • Dimensional characteristics, tolerances and minimum masses
  • Sampling
  • Test methods
  • Marking


Mark of conformityCertification Offer 

The BNQ 3221-900 protocol establishes the certification requirements, rules of procedure and marking requirements applicable to the certification of grates, covers, frames, catch basin traps and valve boxes in accordance with the requirements of the standard BNQ 3221-500. It is intended for foundries interested in having the BNQ recognize the conformity of their products and for owners wishing to have more details on the certification requirements.

To have their products certified, foundries must show the BNQ that they comply with the requirements of the program. These requirements include all of the requirements set out in the following documents:

  • The standard BNQ 3221-500;
  • The certification protocol BNQ 3221-900;
  • The document BNQ 9902-001;
       NOTE — The document BNQ 9902-001 is available free of charge from the BNQ Web site.
  • The document Certification Requirements BNQ 3221-500 (included in the certification protocol).

Manufacturers of grates, covers, frame catch basin traps and valve boxes interested in having the conformity of their parts with the requirements of the standard BNQ 3221-500 recognized may apply to the BNQ for certification.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.