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Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete

Certification Document BNQ 2624-940
Precast Concrete — Materials and Construction — Certification Document (Developed from the Requirements of the Standard CSA A23.4)

The precast concrete industry is constantly evolving and is displaying significant growth worldwide. This technology combines quality of construction with speed of execution, notably through the controlled environment in which manufacturing takes place, and where a rigorous quality control is implanted at all stages of the process.

The current certification program BNQ 2624-940 was developed based on the requirements of the standard CSA A23.4, entitled Precast concrete – Materials and construction, to which are added requirements related to the quality management system as defined in the certification document BNQ 2624-940. The program covers the five product categories defined in the standard and aims to pre-qualify manufacturers of precast concrete elements (architectural, structural, and custom) regarding all applicable requirements.

The standard CSA A23.4 thus establishes the technical requirements related to the materials and methods for manufacture, transportation, and installation, while the certification document BNQ 2624-940 sets out the requirements for the certification program, including the terms and conditions regarding declaration of conformity, rules of procedure, and marking requirements that apply in the context of conformity assessment activities.


Certification Offer 

The offer of certification by the BNQ, acting as a certification body and independent third party accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), is to provide an integrated approach relying on the observance of the technical requirements specified in the standard CSA A23.4 combined with the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) enabling the continuous improvement of processes.

Among the elements included are the following:

Contract review — this activity enables manufacturers to clarify the responsibilities of each party associated with a given project, to document the particular requirements of a client, and to ensure their own ability to meet all the requirements.

Management of nonconformities (including complaints) — manufacturers shall ensure the handling of all cases brought to their attention. Efficient management of these cases is required and manufacturers shall keep a register of results obtained from the following steps:

  • the implementation of a corrective action
  • research into the causes of cases of nonconformity (or complaints)
  • the determination of necessary corrective actions to eliminate the causes identified
  • the employment of appropriate means to ensure that the corrective actions are implemented and produce the desired effect.

Download documents required for certification

12794ANGBNQ 2624-940 Precast Concrete - Materials and Construction - Certification Document (Developed from the Requirements of the Standard CSA A23.4)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
2624-9402624-940A:PDFPDFEnglish2020-03-20172127 $
2624-9402624-940AR:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)English2020-03-20172381 $
12793FRNBNQ 2624-940 Béton préfabriqué - Constituants et exécution des travaux - Fascicule de certification (élaboré à partir des exigences de la norme CSA A23.4)
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
2624-9402624-940:PDFPDFFrench2020-03-20176127 $
2624-9402624-940R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2020-03-20176381 $

These documents are in French:

Certified businesses

Total number:3
1Saguenay-Lac-Saint-JeanBÉTON DUNBRICK INC.

Certification document development committee members

Number of committee members: 9
Mr. Charles AbesqueAssociation des constructeurs de routes et grands travaux du Québec (ACRGTQ)
Ms. Nancy CloutierHydro-Québec
Mr. Éric DupontLécuyer et fils
Mr. Richard GagnéUniversity of Sherbrooke
Mr. Christian GaronEnconcept design
Ms. Nathalie LasnierTubécon
Mr. Claude NazairQuébec Ministry of Transportation
Mr. Maxime PellandVille de Montréal
Mr. Stéphane ThérouxForterra