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Public Review is a key step in developing a standards document, because it gives everyone an opportunity to provide input to improve the document. In that way, future users of the document and everyone interested in the matter may be heard.


All participants are asked to submit their comments or proposals using the document provided at the end of the upload process (step instructions), and to return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The comments or proposals from participants must refer to a section of the document, include a technical justification and be presented in the table provided to be considered by the standards committee. The proposals and comments written directly in the document or sent in any other form will be disregarded. 

For each table of comments received, the BNQ sends an acknowledgement of receipt to the sender. Once received, the proposals and comments sent to the BNQ are analyzed by the committee in charge of developing the document, and they help improve the final document that is then published.

The committee’s analysis results are not sent to participants. However, participating in a Public Review makes it possible to learn about a document before everyone else and to provide one’s opinion on a matter that one cares about and that will play an important role in society.

The BNQ would like to thank the individuals and organizations that participate in the Public Review process for a draft document. If necessary, please contact BNQ client services at 418-652-2238 / 1-800-386-5114.


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CAN/BNQ 1789-200
A Harmonized Methodology for Reporting the Production Pathway and Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen

  • Review start date: May 31, 2024
  • Review end date: Jul 30, 2024

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