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Construction is a major industry in the Québec economy. Ever changing, this industry differs from others because of its special characteristics and its impact on the economy and on employment. In Québec, 1 in every 20 jobs is directly related to construction. In 2012 this industry accounted for 14% of Québec’s gross domestic product.

The construction industry is characterized by the following:

  • a majority of small businesses;
  • labour and business mobility;
  • the numerous trades required;
  • a variable volume of activity that depends on various factors (economic, political and demographic);
  • a variable amount of investment (depending on economic conditions);
  • variable projects and contracts; a busy season running from April to October;
  • the production of goods or renovation of properties for an individual client.

In all countries, construction sites are being increasingly regulated, whether to protect workers and the public or to establish safeguards. As well, regulations are changing to take into account sustainable development principles, at constructions sites and in the production of goods or renovation of properties. The BNQ is developing standards in these areas that are incorporated in Québec’s construction regulations; therefore, contractors would be wise to obtain the standards and understand the requirements.