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FSC® Chain of Custody

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification is sought by manufacturers involved in a forest-based product transformation chain. This certification enables companies to meet the demand for products from responsibly managed forests.

Obtaining an FSC® Chain of Custody certificate and subsequently using FSC® conformity identification for promotional purposes certifies the authenticity of a company’s claims about the certified content of its products.

As consumers become more and more environmentally conscious, they look for forest based products that support responsible forest management. The FSC® logo on certified products enables consumers to identify and choose these products.

  • Download standards

    The most recent editions of the applicable standards can be downloaded from FSC website:

    • FSC-STD-40-003: Chain of Custody Certification of Multiple Sites
    • FSC-STD-40-004: FSC Standard for Chain of Custody Certification
    • FSC-STD-40-005: Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood
    • FSC-STD-40-006: FSC Standard for Project Certification
    • FSC-STD-40-007: Sourcing Reclaimed Material for Use in FSC Product Groups or FSC Certified Projects
    • FSC-STD-50-001: Requirements for Use of the FSC Trademarks by Certificate Holders


Certification Offer

The BNQ is an FSC® Chain of Custody certification agency owing to its expertise in the forestry sector, the range of standards for which it is accredited and its competitive service offering. It has experienced resources to act as an independent third party and to audit the management systems of different companies in order to ultimately certify that their products conform to applicable standards. The BNQ is accredited by Assurance Services International (ASI)1 to audit companies against the most recent edition of the following standards:

  • FSC-STD-40-003
  • FSC-STD-40-004
  • FSC-STD-40-005
  • FSC-STD-40-006
  • FSC-STD-40-007
  • FSC-STD-50-001

Issuance of a certificate is conditional on the resolution of all non-conformities raised during the registration audit. Each (renewable) certificate is valid for five years provided that each annual audit is passed.

1The BNQ certification program meets the FSC® accreditation requirements and therefore operates under its authority.

FSC® Chain of Custody certification is offered in addition to our certification for a complete service offering, including certification under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) and under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

These standards were recently recognized for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the US Green Building Council. Companies should consider this in their certification guidelines, given that LEED certification is recognized as the global premier mark of achievement in green building in more than 132 countries.

In addition to chain of custody certification, the BNQ offers certification applicable to the forestry sector in accordance with many standards that your company may need, such as:

  • SFI® (Forest Management and Fiber Sourcing)
  • CEAF (Forest Management Certification Program)
  • PGES (Certification Program for Forestry Enterprise Management Practices)
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Let us build you a service package tailored to your needs with one or more of the standards for which our organization offers certification.