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Arboreal Maintenance

Standard BNQ 0605-200
Arboreal and Horticultural Maintenance

BNQ standards on ornamental horticulture (BNQ 0605-) constitute a major reference for ornamental industry growers and service providers concerned with offering their customers guarantees of quality and reliability.

These standards contribute to ensuring that the production, use and maintenance of plants and landscaping work with inert materials are carried out with environmental preservation in mind and consideration of currently existing techniques.

The standard BNQ 0605-200 concerns arboreal and horticultural maintenance in particular. In addition to specifying requirements ensuring a minimum level of quality in plant maintenance (shrubs, young trees, turf, plants in containers, plant sculptures and green walls), the standard establishes key components to be considered during pruning, trimming and felling work, the removal of stumps and tree bracing. The standard is divided into 10 sections:

  • Definitions;
  • Pruning shrubs and young trees;
  • Maintaining shrubs and young trees;
  • Trimming trees;
  • Felling trees and stump removal;
  • Bracing trees and treating wounds and holes;
  • Maintaining turf areas;
  • Maintaining plants in hanging containers or wall planters;
  • Maintaining plant sculptures (mosaiculture);
  • Maintaining green walls.

  • Download standard (French only)
    12547 FRN BNQ 0605-200 Entretien arboricole et horticole
    Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 21 septembre 2001.

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    Number of committee members : 15
    Josée BouchardLes paysages durables
    Christian ButeauHydro-Québec - Distribution
    Gilles Couillard DesprésÉcole professionnelle de Saint-Hyacinthe (EPSH)
    Steeve Cousineau-GauvinAssociation des paysagistes professionnels du Québec (APPQ)
    Christian DesmaraisPaysage Sud-Ouest
    Guillaume GrégoireFédération interdisciplinaire de l'horticulture ornementale du Québec (FIHOQ)
    Meagan HannaSociété internationale d'arboriculture Québec (SIAQ)
    Guy LalibertéInstitut de technologie agroalimentaire (ITA) Campus de Saint-Hyacinthe
    Mélanie LanglaisAssociation des services en horticulture ornementale du Québec (ASHOQ)
    Jean-François LavoieVille de Québec
    Isabelle LégaréArbo-Design
    Jeanne MilletExperte indépendante
    Karine MorelMinistère des Transports
    Sara-Maud Rousseau ChagnonJardin Dion
    Manon TougasVille de Mascouche
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