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Analyse granulometrique

Standard BNQ 2501-025
Soils - Size Analysis of Inorganic Soils

The geotechnical community can boast that it uses harmonized test methods that are reliable, accurate and reproducible thanks to the standards published by the BNQ. In fact, the BNQ has developed an entire series of geotechnical testing standards that have been proven in the field. Specifically, the BNQ 2501-025 standard describes the procedures and apparatus used to determine the size distribution of particles smaller than 80 mm in inorganic soils. It therefore applies to inorganic soils that can maintain its identity during and after analysis. The standard covers the following:

  • apparatus (for example, scales, ovens, sieves, brushes, mortar and pestles, and various containers);
  • size analysis by sieving of particles from 5 mm to 80 mm in size;
  • size analysis by sieving of particles from 80 µm to 5 mm in size;
  • size analysis by sedimentation;
  • calculating and expressing the overall size analysis results;
  • report.

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    7969 FRN BNQ 2501-025 Sols - Analyse granulométrique des sols inorganiques
    Cette nouvelle édition remplace celle du 30 octobre 1987.
    STABILIZED DOCUMENT - This document, whose status is reanalyzed each year, is stabilized, this means that currently, and until further notice, its content is no longer kept up to date.

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