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Holding Tanks

Holding tank

Standard BNQ 3682-901
Prefabricated Sewage Holding Tanks for Residential Use – Dimensional and Physical Characteristics

Waste water treatment relies on structures designed to be solid, effective and safe. For that reason, the BNQ has developed a series of standards governing septic tanks, holding tanks and absorbing wells. In particular, standard BNQ 3682-901 specifies the dimensional and physical characteristics of prefabricated holding tanks for residential use in concrete, fiber-glass reinforced polyester or polyethylene. It applies to prefabricated holding tanks intended for underground installation to store water from low-flow or chemical toilets and household waste water from detached dwellings.

Download standard (French only)

7985FRNBNQ 3682-901 Fosses de rétention préfabriquées pour usage résidentiel - Caractéristiques dimensionnelles et physiques
Il s'agit d'une reconduction (confirmation) du texte de l'édition du 8 octobre 2008.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
(R 2013-10-02)
4M1 2016-04-1235102 $
(R 2013-10-02)
4M1 2016-04-1235102 $
3682-9013682-901R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2008-10-08
(R 2013-10-02)
4M1 2016-04-1235306 $

Standards committee members

Number of committee members: 13
Mr. Yves BeaulieuConsumaj inc. (représentant de l'AIMQ)
Ms. Marie-Claude BergeronMDDELCC - Direction générale des politiques de l'eau - Direction des eaux municipales
Mr. Normand BoyerLes Blocs Normand inc.
Ms. Marie-Christine BélangerPremier Tech
Mr. Jacques GagnéJacques Gagné experts-conseils inc.
Mr. Francis GaudetMRC de D'Autray - Représentant COMBEQ
Mr. Claude GillesRéseau environnement
Mr. Daniel GélinasXactics (2001) International inc.
Ms. Hélène LapointeOrdre des ingénieurs du Québec - Major & associés
Mr. Marc OtisTubécon / Béton provincial ltée
Mr. David RoySociété d'habitation du Québec
Mr. Daniel St-PierreMEI Assainissement
Mr. Christian VézinaNORDIKeau


Certification Offer

Marque de certification - Fosses de rétentionFor a structure manufacturer conducting business in Québec, BNQ certification is an excellent calling card. The BNQ has therefore established a certification program to certify waste water treatment structures based on four documents, including the BNQ 3682-925 protocol. This protocol establishes the procedural rules and marking requirements applicable to the certification of prefabricated septic tanks to the requirements of BNQ 3680-905, prefabricated holding tanks to the requirements of BNQ 3682-901 and prefabricated structures for absorbing wells to the requirements of BNQ 3682-850.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download document required for certification

12580ANGBNQ 3682-925 Prefabricated Septic Tanks, Prefabricated Sewage Holding Tanks and Prefabricated Structures for Absorbing Wells for Residential Use - Certification Protocol
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3682-9253682-925A:PAPIERPaperEnglish2009-05-04252102 $
3682-9253682-925A:PDFPDFEnglish2009-05-04252102 $
3682-9253682-925AR:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)English2009-05-04252306 $
12566FRNBNQ 3682-925 Fosses septiques préfabriquées, fosses de rétention préfabriquées et structures préfabriquées de puits absorbants pour usage résidentiel - Protocole de certification
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3682-9253682-925:PAPIERPaperFrench2009-05-04249102 $
3682-9253682-925:PDFPDFFrench2009-05-04249102 $
3682-9253682-925R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2009-05-04249306 $

Certified businesses

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