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Standard CAN/BNQ 2501-255
Soils - Determination of the Water-Density Relation - Modified Effort Compaction Test (2700 kN.m/m3)

CAN/BNQ 2501-255 is a national standard that specifies a test method used to determine the relation between water content and density of soil and soil-aggregate mixes when they are compacted in a standard mould by a 4.54 kg hammer dropped from a height of 457 mm using three specific methods.

The standard applies to materials produced by quarries, sandpits and gravel pits; natural soils such as till or clay; and recycled materials, all of which have undergone processing, specifically blasting and crushing. It sets out requirements for eight main elements:

  • apparatus (moulds, hammer, sample extractor, scales, oven, straight edge, sieve and mixing tools);
  • general requirements for the three proposed methods;
  • choosing a test method;
  • preparing the sample (dry and wet preparations);
  • procedure;
  • calculating and expressing the results;
  • water-density relation (diagram, maximum density and optimal water content);
  • test report.

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