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Signing of a construction contract

Standard BNQ 9922-100
Guide to Construction Contract Management Under ISO 9000

Some 20 years ago, the Government of Quebec put in place supplier qualifications criteria on the basis of a well defined quality approach. The government’s quality objectives were to modernize contracting practices, increase supplier competitiveness and ensure that its needs and expectations would be met. Specifically in the field of construction, the government now deals with suppliers certified under the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. However, contract management under ISO 9001 is complex, and clients within the government must be able to ensure effective contract management in their dealings with certified suppliers. As a result, a reference document needed to be created. In 2005 the Government of Quebec therefore assigned the BNQ the task of developing the BNQ 9922-100 guide.

The main purpose of the guide is to help public and quasi-public clients manage their construction or professional service contracts where the supplier is ISO 9001-certified. The guide is also for contractors managing their own contracts under ISO 9000.

The guide sets out the roles and responsibilities of the main players in a construction project. It presents requirements to include in the contract, possible approaches to process performance and monitoring, and product control methods.

In addition, it sets out the procedures for quality requirements compliance monitoring, supplier performance evaluation and client self-assessment.

Lastly, the guide describes the role of the ISO 9001 system registrar in a client-supplier relationship and explains the terms and concepts found in the standards, guides and other documents on construction contract management under ISO 9000.

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