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Standard CAN/BNQ 9415-370
Neck Protectors for Ice Hockey and Ringette Players

Two tragic deaths in Québec along with several cases of neck lacerations made headlines in the 1980s. The equipment problems that played a major role in these accidents led community stakeholders to seek a standard on neck protectors from the BNQ. Accordingly, the BNQ published a Canadian national standard in 1990. This standard specifies the characteristics of neck protectors designed to reduce the risk of direct lacerations on the neck caused by contact with a skate blade in the area covered by the neck protector, and test methods to verify some of these characteristics. The standard is primarily intended for neck protector manufacturers.

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    Number of committee members : 10
    Joe CamilloNiko Apparel Systems
    Marc-André CaronInvestissement Québec
    Ronnie CarpaniHealth Canada
    Shelley CoolidgeRinguette Canada
    Nathalie FerronLoumania
    Marie-Claude GénéreuxBauer Hockey
    Martine GirardMinistère de l'Éducation
    Connie KlassenHockey Canada
    Hafida OuazaniGroupe CTT
    Evangelos SpyrouSport Maska


Certification offer

Marque de certificationIn 1986 the Fédération québécoise de hockey sur glace (Québec hockey association) made it mandatory for minor league players to wear neck protectors. Since 1992 Québec has required players of all ages to wear neck protectors in accordance with CAN/BNQ 9415-370 through its Regulations respecting protective equipment for ice hockey. Also, in 1993 the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (now Hockey Canada) and Ringette Canada have required players in minor leagues across Canada to wear neck protectors. Neck protector manufacturers can have the BNQ certify their products under a program established specifically for this purpose. The program is based on four documents, including certification protocol BNQ 9415-970.

This certification protocol establishes the certification requirements and procedural rules applicable to the certification of neck protectors for hockey and ringette players in accordance with the requirements of CAN/BNQ 9415-370. The program requirements concern the following in particular:

  • fabrication (quality, material, ease of use and adjustment);
  • maintenance;
  • quality system;
  • testing (protection area, resistance to skate blade contact, marking permanence and colourfastness).

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.