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Absorbing Wells

Absorbing Well

Standard BNQ 3682-850
Structures for Absorbing Wells for Residential Use – Prefabricated structure - Size and physical properties

Waste water treatment relies on structures that demand a solid, effective and safe design. For that reason, the BNQ developed a series of standards governing septic tanks, holding tanks and absorbing wells. BNQ 3682-850 applies in particular to absorbing wells used for detached dwelling waste water treatment. It specifies the size and physical properties of the prefabricated structure for absorbing wells for residential use in concrete, fiberglass reinforced polyester or polyethylene.

Download standard (French only)

7984FRNBNQ 3682-850 Puits absorbants pour usage résidentiel - Structure préfabriquée - Caractéristiques dimensionnelles et physiques
Il s'agit d'une reconduction (confirmation) du texte de l'édition du 8 octobre 2008.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
(R 2013-10-02)
44285 $
3682-8503682-850R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2008-10-08
(R 2013-10-02)
442255 $

Standards committee members

Number of committee members: 13
Mr. Yves BeaulieuConsumaj inc. (représentant de l'AIMQ)
Ms. Marie-Claude BergeronMDDELCC - Direction générale des politiques de l'eau - Direction des eaux municipales
Mr. Normand BoyerLes Blocs Normand inc.
Ms. Marie-Christine BélangerPremier Tech
Mr. Daniel CimonCorporation des officiers municipaux en bâtiment et en environnement du Québec
Mr. Jacques GagnéJacques Gagné experts-conseils inc.
Mr. Claude GillesRéseau environnement
Mr. Daniel GélinasXactics (2001) International inc.
Ms. Hélène LapointeOrdre des ingénieurs du Québec - Major & associés
Mr. Marc OtisTubécon / Béton provincial ltée
Mr. David RoySociété d'habitation du Québec
Mr. Daniel St-PierreMEI Assainissement
Mr. Christian VézinaNORDIKeau


Certification Offer

Certification Mark - Structures for Absorbing Wells for Residential UseFor a manufacturer of structures doing business in Québec, BNQ certification is an excellent calling card. The BNQ has therefore established a certification program to certify waste water treatment structures based on four documents, including BNQ protocol 3682-925. This protocol establishes procedural rules and marking requirements applicable to prefabricated septic tank certification in accordance with BNQ 3680-905, to prefabricated holding tanks in accordance with BNQ 3682-901 and to prefabricated absorbing well structures to BNQ 3682-850.

This certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Download document required for certification

12580ANGBNQ 3682-925 Prefabricated Septic Tanks, Prefabricated Sewage Holding Tanks and Prefabricated Structures for Absorbing Wells for Residential Use - Certification Protocol
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3682-9253682-925A:PDFPDFEnglish2009-05-0425285 $
3682-9253682-925AR:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseEnglish2009-05-04252255 $
12566FRNBNQ 3682-925 Fosses septiques préfabriquées, fosses de rétention préfabriquées et structures préfabriquées de puits absorbants pour usage résidentiel - Protocole de certification
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
3682-9253682-925:PDFPDFFrench2009-05-0424985 $
3682-9253682-925R:PDFNetwork PDF LicenseFrench2009-05-04249255 $

Certified businesses

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