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Standard CAN/BNQ 2501-500
Geotechnical Site Investigation for Building Foundations in Permafrost Zones 

Geotechnical site investigations are essential for the appropriate design, construction and maintenance of buildings. In permafrost zones, these investigations have an added level of complexity. This standard establishes a consistent methodology for performing geotechnical site investigations so that the results can be used to design building foundations with due consideration, in a risk management framework, of the conditions prevailing at the building site, including:

  • the distinctive characteristics of permafrost;
  • the seasonal and interannual climate conditions as well as the projected climate conditions over the service life of the building foundations.

In the long term, it is expected that the application of this standard will help lessen persistent maintenance issues, which, as a result of climate change or improper site evaluation, can cause permanent damage to structures.

  • Download standard
    12733 ANG CAN/BNQ 2501-500 Geotechnical Site Investigations for Building Foundations in Permafrost Zones
    REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: March 2025)
    12732 FRN CAN/BNQ 2501-500 Études géotechniques pour les fondations de bâtiments construites dans les zones de pergélisol
    REVISION IN PROGRESS (expected date for the new edition: March 2025)

  • Standards committee members
    Number of committee members : 12
    Lukas ArensonBGC Engineering
    Heather AuldSpécialiste, M. Sc., Climatologie
    Warren BadleyMinistère des Services aux collectivités – Gouvernement du Yukon
    Jean-Pascal BilodeauChaire de recherche en partenariat Sentinelle Nord sur les infrastructures nordiques – Université Laval
    Sara BrownNorthwest Territories Association of Communities (NWTAC)
    Lupin DaignaultOffice d'habitation du Nunavik (OHN)
    Ed GrozicTetra Tech
    Antoni G. LewkowiczUniversity of Ottawa
    Naeem MughalMinistère des Services communautaires et gouvernementaux – Gouvernement du Nunavut
    Aron PiamsaleeStantec Consulting
    Yves ThériaultRelations Couronne-Autochtones et Affaires du Nord Canada (RCAANC) – Gouvernement du Canada
    Terry WarnerMinistère de l’Infrastructure – Gouvernement des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (GTNO)
  • Webinar
    • 2020-06-10   CAN/BNQ 2501-500/2017: Geotechnical Site Investigations for Building Foundations in Permafrost Zones (Standards Council of Canada)


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