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Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Standard BNQ 0632-901
Christmas Trees - Classification System

Quebec is one of the largest producers and exporters of Christmas trees in the world, with a market that extends all the way to Central America. However, purchasers demand high quality, and the species of trees sold are numerous. That is why the development of a standard was necessary from the very beginning of the industry. The BNQ 0632-901 standard sets out a commercial classification system that makes it easier to market Christmas trees. The standard applies to all species of conifers sold as Christmas trees, whether they come from cultivated stands, improved natural stands or wild stands. The classification is based on four separate categories and enables the various players to be sure that the quality of the Christmas trees meets the desired criteria.

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8152FRNBNQ 0632-901 Arbres de Noël - Système de classification
STABILIZED STANDARD This standard, whose status is reanalyzed each year, is stabilized, this means that currently, and until further notice, its content is no longer kept up to date.
Version Language Publication date Edition Updated on No. of pages Price
(R 2012-03-08)
41576 $
0632-9010632-901R:PDFNetwork PDF License (5 users)French2005-08-25
(R 2012-03-08)
415228 $

Standards Committee Members

Number of committee members: 5
Mr. Damien Blais
Mr. Larry DowneyPépinière Nursey Downey
Mr. Laurent GaudreauEntreprises Gaudrault - Vanier inc.
Mr. Rénald GilbertEnjoytree
Ms. Émilie Turcotte-CôtéAssociation des producteurs d'arbres de Noël du Québec (APANQ) - Plantations BL Christmas Trees

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